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Watch Phil as he revisits his old workplace (Tapioca Express) in the video below!

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Watch it here [x]

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Season one: Wes’ awkward Makeshift moments (Ep. 3)

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Everyone and everything starts syncing up after 3 weeks of production. We showed up to set dressed as matching pairs. Totally unplanned. What?? #butiwearthiseveryday #wongfumovie

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Wesley and Phil React to Japanese Commercials

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One of the best parts of making a movie is creating the whole world to surround the story. Here are just a few props we made for The Department of Emotional Integrity. Much more to come!

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Wong Fu Productions - Gift Deceit (x)

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My take on the classic Megaman pose! #pewpew #rockman #jumpingpicturesalwaysfun

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Anonymous: i have figured out who Wes' girlfriend is. Her name is Jennet Liaw and her twitter is jennetsaitquoi and her instagram is jennetsaitquoi too 

even though I never respond to asks about wes’ personal life, i felt like this one needed to be addressed because

HER ART IS AMAZING. HER TYPOGRAPHY IS LITERALLY WHAT I ASPIRE TO BE ABLE TO DO IN THE FUTURE. she is so talented and even if wes is dating her or not, I think that everyone can appreciate her artistic talents. 

check out her instagram! it is truly beautiful and inspiring. i’m obsessed with her art now askddfkgdh

(and she’s also super pretty)

xx Callie